lovin' lighting with lynn


dirty sexy laundry!

To quote Don Henley, “Give us dirty laundry!” Well... not so much. I really love clean laundry, but the process to get it from dirty to clean can be a sorry situation kids.

We spend a lot of time doing laundry, yet we neglect these rooms when it comes to design because it seems like they are supposed to be dull, utilitarian and hidden behind closed doors.

I’m all for the doors when needed, but there is no excuse not to treat yourself to a lively, fun and bright space while sudsing your duds.

My laundry room started out like most--all white, flourescent lighting and no color to be found except the detergent bottle and box of Bounce. But I soon felt a sense of rebellion growing within me. I could no longer be denied some color and a really cool light fixture.

It started with painting the room a bright orange, Sherwin Williams Tangerine, and adding some funky art. Lastly I found the perfect light to finish my creation, The Lilypad ceiling light by Possini. The Lilypad comes in a bunch of sizes and formats for ceilings and walls. That light makes this egg smile every time I enter that former operating room.


In the laundry room of my vacation house, I found a vintage pendant composed of small colored glass flowers. If I thought I could get away with it, I may have added a little extra weight to my checked baggage. But it was so perfect it that setting I couldn’t dream of moving it.

My Mom has now followed suit in her laundry space. We found a sexy amber glass and bronze flushmount from Kichler that totally spins with her more transitional Florida style.

While I have no idea the value of the vintage beauty in my Florida beach house, the Lilypad and the Kichler were both under $200.00. Visit the egg light gallery for more dirty, sexy laundry inspiration.

Speaking of sexy laundry, I wonder what my husband would do if I lured him into my tangerine laundry pleasure palace? Whee!!!! 


aqua is the new black!


Color is everywhere this year! Oranges, pinks and all shades of blue-green. That's it, I'm going rogue and calling it aqua or turquoise. As a virgin jet skier last month, I was bombarded with all of the colors of the Gulf of Mexico, breathtakingly ace. 

The latest lighting porn was waiting for me when I returned home. With color and whimsy on my mind from a relaxing vacation, it was love at first sight when I came across Lindsey Adelman's Branching Bubble light fixture. Made from brass and handblown aqua glass it is supposed to evoke images of a budding cherry tree. With no cherry trees nearby in my urban neighborhood, this egg is reminded of a cool hunk of jewelry I spied in Tucson.

Whimsical, sexy and unexpected...Go ahead, you can do it. Jump in and enjoy the waves.

Want to take a look at these photos one more time? Visit the egg light gallery.



steamfunk y'all!


In the 1960’s (my favorite design decade) there was a totally ace TV show called The Wild Wild West. It was a Wild West meets James Bond fantasy with espionage, babe-ionage and incredible gadgets that you would never see in the hands of guys wearing chaps...with pants.

This was the first TV show that had a Steampunk vibe going on. Steampunk themes have elements of fantasy or science fiction involving the use of modern technology at a time before it had been invented, like the 1880’s of The Wild Wild West. Sounds perfect for this Egg! Hanging out in the Old West without my Ipod, Cosmo’s and Latisse? I’d be bored, bald and very very thirsty.

My latest TV obsession is the new Dracula series on NBC starring the sexy Henry the Eighth--Jonathon Rhys Meyers--as Drac. Set in Victorian England, Steampunk elements abound centered mostly around wireless lightbulbs (did I conjure this one?) So when a client requested a new dining room chandelier that would feel old, but act new, I thought about Steampunk. This guy lives in a condo building that looks out on old industrial buildings and factories dominated by the Allen Bradley clock.

A little searching led me to the BBC, the store where all my lighting fantasies come to life. I saw lights hanging everywhere that use Edison bulbs; those same bulbs that excite everyone on Dracula.

Although I wanted something industrial (something with those iconic bulbs), it needed to be funkier baby...and have some humor going on.

I must have gone through 50 Shades of lighting porn before it found me, Conduit, by Troy Lighting. Conduit is like Steampunk married Sputnik! A bit wacky, not at all tacky, and really really funky y’all!

Conduit is finished in old silver and capped with those Dracula bulbs. Check it out below, and visit the egg light gallery for some other cool pictures. 


don't spare the square

Thank goodness the lighting gods have found cool new alternatives for recessed lighting. I remember standing in my kitchen with the 6-inch recessed cans and feeling like the Concorde could land there any minute. I would hit the deck every time I heard a plane fly over.

Now recessed lighting comes in low profile options with new LED technology that has worked out the earlier kinks, like glare, bright spots and color consistency. LED’s are also long lasting and help you keep your cool by putting out very little heat. 

A small column of Professional Lighting Porn had a link to the Fusion ES3 Series 3-inch square low-voltage downlight.  The cool continues because it can be installed flush with the ceiling, adding light without detracting from your décor my friends. You can find my new favorite square at or you can of course see photo after photo in the egg light gallery


sunset sexy

Who does not love a sunset? I watch it set behind the Harley-Davidson Museum® almost every night from the “Sunset Deck” at my condo. In my younger days I was known to tip back a few Tequila Sunrise’s, but that's a whole other boozy story readers! 

Every month Elle Decor mag has a “What’s Hot” section... which I always read. Number one this past month was the uber sexy “Vise” ceiling light by Bec Brittain which was inspired by watching the sunset from a Mexican beach. It was shown in polished brass, but other finishes are available. The claw machine shape of the metal with the handblown glass shade make this light knockout-city baby! 

Check out the pictures in the egg light gallery or go to the Bec Brittain site to see her other ace offerings.